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Thread: 5 Signs You Have A Toxic Boss And It's Time To Leave

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    5 Signs You Have A Toxic Boss And It's Time To Leave

    The month of March is always the perfect time to review your work situation and decide on whether or not you really want to stay put for another year. With your appraisals in, a good raise to look forward to (or maybe not), this is the perfect time to walk away from a job that isn't making you happy. If you've been struggling with work, and can no longer put up with a boss who makes you feel that you signed your life away to the job, you need to rethink your situation.

    Bosses are always tricky to deal with, because while you might love their attitude and work ethic, sometimes they also tend to overburden you beyond your work requirements. To be fair, they are doing their job too, which is way harder than yours, but there is a thin line between expecting you to do your best and being plain nasty and unreasonable. If you are feeling singled out at work, and find yourself in the midst of a ton of unexpected responsibilities and unreasonable demands, you might be dealing with a toxic boss.

    Here are the signs that let you decide whether your boss is simply a workaholic or is being plain horrible.

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    1. Passive Aggressive Behaviour

    It is one thing to point out your mistake and another to publically shame you and then deny that it's about you. Passive aggressive behavior is one of the biggest traits of toxic bosses and it can really mess up with the work culture of the team.

    2. Assuming Things

    While bosses have a ton of things to deal with, a good manager always manages to have an open communication channel. Always assuming that you need to "know" and "second guess" things, without actually telling you about them is just a sign of a boss who cannot manage a team.

    3. Mood Swings

    If your boss is the best person to work with on one day and a passive aggressive monster the next day, you are really dealing with a difficult person. While it is only human to feel moody at times, because they are your bosses, they need to deal with it in a better manner than just offloading on you.

    4. The Boss Card

    While your boss of course has better privileges than the rest of you (they are the boss for a reason), it's unfair for them to use their boss privileges in a negative manner. If they slack and expect you to always be at the top of your game, it is a big problem. Coming in and leaving at their own times, not meeting deadlines, always putting you in charge of their own set of responsibilities ... the list is endless.

    5. Pitting The Team Against Each Other

    You are a team and while there is bound to be a slight sense of competition - it only ensures that you work better - your boss should be the last person to pit you against each other. While they can always talk about the problems in a team, and how one person is working harder than the rest, it shouldn't be encouraged as a competition.

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