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Thread: Killer Joke

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    Killer Joke

    The Students of MBBS were attending their 1st Biochemistry Class. They all gathered around the Lab table with a Urine sample. The Professor dip His Finger in urine & tasted it in his own mouth.
    Then he asked the Students to do the same. The students hesitated for several minutes, but at last every one dipped their finger in urine sample & tasted it....
    When everyone finished, the Professor looked at them & said: The most important Quality is 'Observation'. I dipped my MIDDLE Finger but tasted the INDEX Finger. Today you just Learnt, "How to Pay Attention". All Students shouted...
    saala kut*a!!!😂😂😂

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    A newly wedded girl was being welcomed at the husband's home in a traditional manner.
    She was asked to give a little speech.

    She addressed as follows;
    "My dear family members, I thank you for welcoming me in my new home and family"

    She said "Firstly, with my presence I would not want to create any inconveniences by my being here.
    I mean that I don't want you all to change your way of life, your routine."

    "What do you mean my child?", asked her Mother- In-Law.

    What I mean is:
    Those who used to wash dishes must carry on washing them. Those who used to do the laundry must carry on doing it. Those who cook should not stop on my account. Those who used to clean should continue cleaning.

    As for me, I am here just to control your son.

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