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Thread: 7 Women Who Always Speak Their Heart Out

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    7 Women Who Always Speak Their Heart Out

    Amidst all the nonsense that we keep watching whole day on news channels and of course on our Facebook timeline, there are instances when a woman decides to speak up and leaves everyone with something sensible to talk about.

    Well, there have been various incidents when women spoke and left the world questioning themselves. While half of the world criticises them for speaking up, there are people who equally admire that too.

    After all, not everyone has the guts to speak what they feel and there are a few women who always speak their heart out. As we talk about that, letís have a look at some of those wonderful women who always speak what they feel.

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    1. Jeniffer Lawrence.

    Whether it is se*ism or racism or any other thing in this world, Jennifer Lawrence seems to have a sensible opinion about everything every time. Remember the time she spoke against body shaming and urged people to stop calling others fat? Well, she was fab!

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