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Thread: Bigg Boss 10: Thank God! Manveer won

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    Insert two new reality show launches.

    Each time Salman said 'Thank God,' viewers like me would have said, 'Oh God, please end this faster.'

    It was worth watching how the contestants reacted to the biggest news headlines they missed during their three-month stay in the house.

    The Rs 2,000 note made everyone's eyes pop.

    Lopa called the late Jayalalithaa a famous lady and had some opinion about Trump's win too.

    There was even an oximeter attached to check Bani, Lopa and Manveer's pulse as Salman got to announce the winner.

    So much drama!

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    Just then Lopa was asked to exit.

    It was now between Bani and Manveer.

    The commoner who became a celebrity

    After some more emotional build ups and commercial breaks, it was time for the inevitable.

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