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Thread: 8 Predictions Made For Salman Khan in 2017 Might Become True

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    8 Predictions Made For Salman Khan in 2017 Might Become True

    There is always the good and the bad in a new year, leaving behind a year full of past and moments that become memories, nearing and bringing forth the present and a bright, anticipated future for ourselves.
    Making small resolution to big ones, some stay whereas some donít, there are also some predictions that we like to create and some that we make to sooth our anxiety over the future, just like that there were a lot of predictions made for Salman Khan.
    Here are some of the predictions made for Salman Khan, the headlines that can and mostly will become the reality for us, the fans of the Sultan!

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    1) His upcoming movie in line to release, Tubelight, shall be a breakthrough on the box office, not only will it break Sultan’s records but also topple over his other previous film’s numbers!

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