Because It Starts With Being A Team Player

The start of the year, even if youíre not the resolutions type, can feel like an opportunity to let go of the past nonsense thatís been holding you back (in life, in love, in joy) and move forward on a happier path. But while setting goals to become a morning person, finally take the plunge and sign up for a paid dating app (in search of better quality matches) or be smarter about your healthy lifestyle are all noble causes, there might be a more obvious (and ahem, attainable) one that you should start working on by now. And guess what? You donít have to wait until next January 1 to reap the rewards. While the New Year begins at the drop of a ball, the start of the fiscal year isnít until April (hence that tax day thing you mark on your calendar). The best opportunity you have to get a raise and promotion at work is during the month of March when review season rolls around and putting your best face, work and drive forward now is the ticket to more dollars on the pay stub.