The past never fails to haunt us and we all let our past control us and our present.

We often let our disturbing past spoil our wonderful present and a bright future. So whatís the solution to this? What do we do about it? Should we run away from our past?

Many of us are stuck with our past. Some of us are trying to escape it but unfortunately, we havenít succeeded yet! The past has managed to creep us out and weíre constantly running away from it but it hasnít helped any one of us. We do escape it for a while but for some reason, we find ourselves think and over thinking about it, every now and then.

We all have a past. Some of us arenít content with the past weíve had but itís the past, right? You know what the problem is?

We let our past define us.

Good or bad, we can always learn a lesson from our past instead of brooding over whatís done. Running away from a problem isnít the solution to the problem. The same goes for our past. Why run away? It might be hurtful and disappointing but for how long? Escaping it is just not the solution.

Why canít we accept our past? Yes! Itís no cakewalk to accept the past but we can at least try to do so. Itíll take time but with time, weíd make peace with our past and eventually, it wonít haunt us anymore. Irrespective of how ugly or disappointing our past might have been, once we accept it, with time, weíll be okay with it.

Often we try a bit too hard to get over our past and end up feeling miserable. Letís not do that. Letís just give ourselves time because as they say:

Time heals all wounds.