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Thread: Hrithik Roshan: I am not positive at all

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    Did you watch the Raees trailer?

    Yes. It's good. I like it.

    They say love is blind. Have you ever fallen in love blindly?

    Love is not blind, romance is.

    Romance is very dangerous. Romance is an illusion; it will show you things that don't exist.

    Whatever left after romance is love and that is not blind.

    Has your idea of romance changed in last few years?

    I romanticise everything in my life. Everything has a background score and all that.

    You remain dignified and silent even when things get controversial.

    Whatever you are from within -- good or bad -- will manifest in the world... it will come out in your work and your word.

    Are you vengeful?


    Are you forgive and forget kind of guy?

    Not even that. You have no reason to get distracted from your life.

    If we're sitting here in this room, and someone on the beach outside is abusing you, will you leave everything and go there to sort it out? No, na?

    How do you stay positive?

    I am not positive at all. I am objective. I go by evidence and it is all around you in life. For example, when I had my brain surgery, people would ask me why I wasn't scared. But I was looking at the evidence, which was saying that out of 1,000 surgeries, my doctor had no failures. So why will I be afraid?

    I was singing songs and watching television when it was time for the surgery. I made the nurses sing with me.

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    Which of your films do your kids love you in?

    My kids are very honest with me. They have not rated me above 8.5 on 10 for any trailer but they said Kaabil was 8.5. They have a mind of their own.

    They saw Mohenjo Daro after it did not do well. I told them it is a slow film and that they may not like it and that it has not done well. But they came back and said, 'Dad, it was nice.'

    A R Rahman, who composed the music for Mohenjo Daro, just turned 50.

    Really? He is a national wonder, rather an international wonder. He is simple-minded and spiritual. He has interpreted his life in a beautiful way, which is why he interprets music so beautifully.

    He is definitely a creator who has inspired the entire world.

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