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Thread: 5 Laptops That Are Way Better Than Apple’s MacBook

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    5 Laptops That Are Way Better Than Apple’s MacBook

    MacBook Pro is a great looking machine.

    In any case, it comes at a pretty penny and without a portion of the elements that people still request, similar to SD card slots. You may absolutely burrow the MacBook Pro, I know I unquestionably adore the look of it, however it’s not for everybody.

    Instead, look for something that is way better as a machine and comes as a good MacBook Pro alternative.

    Yes, it exists. Here are 5 laptops that are better than Apple Macbook.

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    1 – Dell XPS 13

    Dell was cool, then it somehow sucked, now it’s good again if you get the correct one. The Dell XPS 13 is one of the most pleasant out there. In the XPS 13, you’re taking a gander at a seventh era Intel Core i7 processor (the new Mac Books are still 6th gen) along with 8GB RAM equipped with 256GB hard drive and a Quad HD Infinity Edge touchscreen show. Just inconvenience? Dell just offers incorporated design, so remember that before spending the bucks.

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