Hey Zindagi,

Been thinking a lot about you, of late. I know weíve had our share of sorrows and bad times and we never got along like a house in fire but thatís okay, right? There were times when Iíve cursed you and blamed you. Iíve also often called you unfair because I felt so.

Iíve blamed you for everything that went wrong. They say, life is not a bed of roses and thatís true right? You might not be a bed of roses but you arenít full of thorns as well.

I think itís not fair to hold you responsible for everything that doesnít work in my favour. I feel as though Iíve hated you enough and thatís the reason behind our strained relationship. Donít you think so?

Weíve had our share of ups and downs but then again, which relationship doesnít go through all of that?

Over the past couple of days, I spent some time reflecting upon us, reflecting upon my life. You werenít that bad, you know. In fact, I should be thankful to you for the innumerable lessons you taught me. I might have been disheartened, a couple of times, in the process but later, I did see sense and yes! I agree to the fact that I only became a better version of myself with time.

Honestly, Iím done hating you! Actually, hate is a word too strong. Iím done disliking you or being pissed with you. Iíd rather like you and try to get along! Say what? Iím sorry for all those times when Iíve cursed you and called you names! Let's start afresh and begin our journey!

I love you,

My Life!