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Thread: The iPhone Was Unveiled 10 Years Ago Today

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    The iPhone Was Unveiled 10 Years Ago Today

    Exactly a decade ago, Steve Jobs introduced the world to a new revolutionary idea. A device that has come to define smartphone technology ever since its inception and made Apple the biggest technology company in the world. Many critics considered the first iPhone a flop and little did they know that a bold step by Apple would change the world, as we know it.

    Apple is celebrating the iPhone’s 10th anniversary today remembering the launch of a revolutionary product, which was then described as an iPod
    with touch controls, an Internet communicating device and a phone that would break boundaries. Steve Jobs’ keynote might be a decade old but his vision of how the phone would be used today is still accurate today. But there are plenty of ways the iPhone changed the world for us and here’s how it achieved the great feat.

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    Even though I feel the selfie taking phenomenon is an abomination but it is a phenomenon nonetheless. The selfie craze was brought on when phones started equipping front-facing cameras on smartphones.

    Front-facing cameras have been a feature on smartphones since 2003. However, when it first appeared on the iPhone 4, the phenomenon of taking selfies increased exponentially. Even though the front-facing camera was meant for video calls but it wasn’t the only purpose users utilised it for.

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