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Thread: The iPhone Was Unveiled 10 Years Ago Today

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    Pinch To Get A Closer Look

    Before we started getting phones with big screen sizes and better clarity, the first iPhone had a screen that would be too small to do anything in it. That also meant that Apple had to introduce a gesture that would enable people to zoom into pictures, texts and any other form of media. This is where Pinch to zoom came in.

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    If you asked me what the word ‘App’ meant a decade ago, I would be baffled. However, today it is an industry worth tens of billions of dollars and every app developer who made millions owe to Apple. The reason why Apple is a huge success is because of the plethora of Apps available on its App store. Because of the App store, companies like Uber, Instagram and Facebook have thrived and it’s only going to get bigger.

    Currently, the app store has over 2 million apps and since the launch of the App store in 2008, people have spent about $40 billion on iOS apps alone.

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