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Thread: The iPhone Was Unveiled 10 Years Ago Today

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    No More Phone Calls

    Mobile phones (that’s what we used to call them back then) was used for one purpose and one purpose only – making phone calls. However, thanks to Steve Jobs’ vision of making the iPhone a phenomenal internet communications device, it is now easier to email, text, WhatsApp or tweet that we barely even think of calling anyone anymore.

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    The world was sceptical when Apple introduced is a touchscreen phone and killed the physical keyboard. However, Apple had a way to encourage people by introducing autocorrect for their virtual keyboard. However, it also meant that we had to go through the horrors of some hilarious autocorrect moments like below:

    Autocorrect fails like above have been a part of our social lives every day. However, Apple has since reworked and improved their autocorrect feature but it still acts up from time to time.

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