Tiger Shroff on being inspired by the god of dance and destruction and the tandav
There’s no doubt that Tiger Shroff is one of the finest action and dancing stars we have today. And he attributes his devotion to the Lord of Dance to his prowess in those two genres.

Tiger considers Lord Shiva the original action star. And he explains why, “As the Lord of destruction and creator of the tandav, He inspires me to leave nothing and give everything. And that mentality is what inspires me when I do an action sequence or perform on stage. When He dances, he burns everything around him. When I do an action sequence or dance, I do the same with energy, passion, and all my focus. Those are His traits that I try to imbibe. And so, I see him as the original action star.”

He adds that his awareness about the God grew as he grew older and that he used to fast every Monday in His honour. He continues, “But it’s difficult to do that now, with my schedule. I liked His physicality, Him being the way He is, the way He carries Himself, His beliefs. Lord Shiva is a very strong and peaceful warrior and yet when something bothers Him, there’s a switch that can turn Him and He can be transformed into something else and it’s that change which is intriguing!”

And even though Tiger can’t fast every Monday as he’d like to, he does start anything new on that day as it’s the day of Shiva. The actor confirms, “I do try and do new projects and things, as much as possible, on Mondays because that’s His day.”