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Thread: Pictures That Capture the Beauty of Father and their Children

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    3. Sameer, a six-week old internally displaced infant, cries while lying on his father's legs after arriving to higher grounds in Sukkur, in Pakistan's Sindh province July 26, 2011. Sameer and his family took refuge along a highway after leaving their village near Dadu to escape this year's monsoon season. Pakistan remains woefully unprepared for floods this year which a U.N. official said could affect up to 5 million people in a worse-case scenario. The 2010 Pakistan floods left some 2,000 people dead, 11 million homeless and another 7 million were affected. At its height, one-fifth of Pakistan was submerged.

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    4. A father and his daughter walks and exercises at a hill top in Kathmandu August 19, 2012.

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