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Thread: 7 Things That Girls Mistakenly Think Guys Find Adorable

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    2. Bragging about how other men find you se*y and want to be with you.

    Telling men about how other men are hitting on you all the time can be a big turn off for them. It may or not may not be true but no man wants to hear his girlfriend bragging about the competition. It just isn’t right!

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    3. Wearing towering heels which you can barely walk in.

    High heels are definitely se*y but if you cannot walk straight in them and your ankle keeps buckling under you then it’s time you ditch them for a trendy pair of flats.

    There’s nothing more unappetising than a woman who can’t even walk straight. High heels are meant to be worn so you can enhance your figure and if you can’t even stand straight it’s kind of counterproductive.

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