With 365 new days to look forward to, in this year, I've set up some guidelines for myself to follow. And one of them is to stop wasting time on reckless boys, because they don't deserve it. Here are the five types of men I'm totally done with, this year.

The one who fat shames you

Yes, the one who makes you feel crappy for gaining a few extra pounds over the holidays, or for eating one too many pieces of chocolate after dinner. I will lose or gain weight on my own terms; you have NO right to make me feel bad about it, especially if it's already an insecurity I struggle with. And I'd rather make out with my Chocolate Truffle Magnum, so BYE.

The one who blows hot and cold

If he's all over you when the two of you are alone, but acts like you're the dhool under his Vans when he's around his boys, then drop him. Try and confront him about it first, but rid of him as fast as you can. Because, ain't nobody got time for indecisiveness.

The one who makes you feel bad about everything

He buys you something, covers your share at an outing, you miss a date, or do anything that even slightly resembles a mistake, and you're not made to hear the end of it. He will hold it against you for the rest of your life. As an overtly gullible and kind person, I already feel bad enough about the stupidest of things, and I don't need someone to constantly add to that.

The overly romantic one

As a woman who loves to love, I'm quite a romantic myself. But you know how some people are a little too romantic? The ones who make every date into a production, and expect life to resemble a romantic comedy? I know, I might sound like a horrible person when I complain about something so positive than the others on this list, but it's the truth. You can't always look at life and relationships with rose-tinted glasses. It can get quite frustrating.

The one who only calls you when he's free

That guy who you're always running after, calling and texting, and waiting days for any kind of response from? Or for him to make time' to meet you, out of his mysteriously packed schedule... and worse, finding time for you only when he needs something, or has no one else to turn to? Well, it's time' for you to buzz off, dude.