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Thread: 7 Hollywood T.V. Series We Are Excited for, in 2017

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    7 Hollywood T.V. Series We Are Excited for, in 2017

    Gone is the nightmare that was 2016, and we have whole new 365 days to, hopefully, look forward to. While we can only wish for the best, as far as the new year goes, something we can surely be excited about is all the new modes of entertainment lined up in 2017. This includes a whole bunch of new T.V shows as well, and we canít wait for their release. They are:

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    First up, the star of this British drama series is Tom Hardy, and it is co-created by him and his father. If that isn’t enough, he plays a British adventurer who comes back home after 10 years in Africa, faced with the truth of his dead father’s legacy, and a battle against the East India Company. The eight part series is set in the year 1814, and we are very intrigued to watch it, especially since Tom really came into his own as an actor in 2016.

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