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Thread: 7 Hollywood T.V. Series We Are Excited for, in 2017

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    Marvel’s Iron Fist

    Like everything Marvel has been putting out in the last few years, we’re of the opinion that their newest superhero series is going to be kickass, as well. Finn Jones (of Game of Thrones fame) stars as Danny Rand, a rich New York brat who returns home after missing for four years, armed with superb kung fu skills and the ability to channel the mystical Iron Fist.

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    American Gods

    Based on famed author Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, the series is based on mythology. It features the war between the old gods of Norse mythology, who have disguised themselves as regular humans, and the new gods born of society’s modern day obsession with money, technology, drugs, etc. With such a brilliant concept, we have high hopes from the show.

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