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Thread: Top 50 Men In The World Who Mattered The Most To Us In 2016

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    4. Narendra Modi

    Who: Prime Minister of India

    Where: India

    Why: He took the country by storm after having been elected as Prime Minister of the country. And, aside from the fact that he’s as camera-friendly as he is publicity-hungry, Modi has never failed to have the citizens of his country sitting at the edge of their seats. Under his rule, we’ve had demonetization been implemented under a span of 4 hours, following which the nation has been under mayhem and madness—for better or for worse. And no matter what may be the outcome of this non-democratic, totally-dictatorial decision, the one thing we can agree on is the fact that no other ruling politician could ever pull off such a stunt.

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    5. Donald Trump

    Who: President Elect of America

    Where: United States

    Why: The soon to be 45th President of America has literally put one big question mark over the glorious map of the United States of America. From having been a business tycoon, a womanizer and to being one of the key faces on an American reality TV show, like ‘The Apprentice’ to having the Oval Office to himself, Trump has literally got them (whoever they may be) by the p*ssy and he’s made no apologies about it. God help us all.

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