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Thread: Know More About Watermelon

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    Know More About Watermelon

    Did You Know What Watermelon Is Doing To Your Blood Pressure, Heart and Kidneys?

    Thereís no better refreshment for hot summer days than a nice, cool slice of watermelon.

    But, this sweet fruit is not just a summer delicacy. Itís an amazing source of nutrients which improve your health on many different levels.
    Watermelon is 90% water, meaning itís great for hydration, but also for reducing blood pressure, improving heart health and kidney function.

    His delicious fruit is a real store house of nutrients including lycopene, vitamin A, citrulline, and vitamin C, all of which provide a wide range of positive effects on your body.

    Read on and find out how watermelon boosts your health in many ways.

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    1. Improves Skin Quality

    Regular consumption of watermelons can significantly improve skin health and quality. For some extra glow on your skin, add more watermelon to your diet.

    According to the experts at, the vitamin A in watermelon is particularly beneficial for regenerating skin tissue and deep hydration.

    2. Promotes Heart Health

    Heart issues are not something to ignore. But, adding watermelon to your daily menu can significantly improve heart health and function.

    According to Organic Facts, the lycopene in watermelon “improves cardiac functions.”

    In addition, “vitamin C, carotenoids, and potassium help to reduce cholesterol and keep your heart safe from a variety of dangerous conditions.”

    3. Supports Kidney Health

    There’s no doubt that passing a kidney stone is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. According to, watermelon increases urine flow without putting extra strain on your kidneys. In other words, watermelon “eases strain on the kidneys while getting rid of excess fluids.”

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