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Thread: Winter Spl : Keep Your Lips from Drying and Cracking

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    Winter Spl : Keep Your Lips from Drying and Cracking

    You did it again: you left the house without your lip balm and now your lips are dry AF. While you thought you learned from your past mistakes, this annual crisis has happened once again. But between protecting your skin with cold-weather skincare hacks and curing your dry hair woes, the thought of having to add *another* self-care routine is overwhelming. Thatís where we come in to help. We searched the internet to find the best ways to heal and maintain your precious pout without the extra work. Whether you need some lip therapy or just want to prep your pout for that NYE kiss,

    here are all eight dry-lip hacks, below.

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    1. ILIA Lip Exfoliator ($26): One of the best ways to get your lips feeling like new is by exfoliating them on a weekly basis. This trick will get rid of dead skin and help moisturizers penetrate the lips to keep them soft. Purchase an on-the-go lip exfoliator like this ILIA one, which is made with organic ingredients and tiny grains of volcanic stone.

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