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Thread: Winter Spl : Keep Your Lips from Drying and Cracking

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    2. Don’t Lick Your Lips: While you think licking your lips will moisten your pout, it actually does the opposite. The saliva from your tongue strips away the moisture from your lips, making them extremely dry. Saliva contains enzymes which help breaks down food, and when the saliva evaporates from your lips, it can make them dry and crack, especially if you repeat this habit over and over again.

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    3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repairģ Intensive Lip Balm ($20): Another great way to make your lips feel soft AF is by using beeswax. Occlusive agents (AKA beeswax and shea butter) keep water from evaporating off of your lips. They lock the moisture in place, which helps lips avoid a dry spell.

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