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Thread: 15 Tiny Pieces Of Advice Before You Kick Start 2017!

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    15 Tiny Pieces Of Advice Before You Kick Start 2017!

    It is already December! Man, how time flies!

    We plan to bring in the New Year with a new, better version of ourselves. But do we succeed? Not always.

    New Year brings a new vibe, new waves of excitement and a new perspective and we need to keep up with that by bringing out the new version of us. Here are some tiny pieces of advice that will help you to kick start 2017 in a fresh way that will last till the end.

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    1. Start by cutting out the negative people. People who are good to you only 10% of the time aren’t worth your efforts and the remaining 90% of negativity.

    2. Let go of someone who turns you into some other person you are not proud of.

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