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Thread: 11 Things Only Quick Job-Hoppers Would Relate To

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    11 Things Only Quick Job-Hoppers Would Relate To

    Job-hopping cannot be construed as career suicide anymore. If youíre good at your previous jobs, even if it was for a short span of time, employers are ready to look past beyond that and hire you for your vast background. Job-hoppers donít stay put at one job - they are good at jugaad, and hustle until they get something to trump their current job.

    Here are 11 traits every job hopper would relate to and say Ďthatís me!í

    1. Job-hoppers are never emotionally attached to their jobs

    Since they donít spend too many years at one job, they arenít emotionally attached to their office, desk, colleagues or bosses. They move on too quickly, without any expectations from the current company.

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    2. They believe stability decreases their productivity

    Stability makes job-hoppers uncomfortable. They will never do a regular 9 to 5 job as they beleive their creativity and productivity cannot be tamed within a time slot.

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