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Thread: Girls Hostel Mein Aag Lagi

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    Girls Hostel Mein Aag Lagi

    Girls Hostel Mein Aag Lag Gayi,

    Pass Hi Ke Boys Hostel Ke Ladkon Ne Help Ki.

    TV Par News Aayi: “Girls Hostel Mein Aag Lagi, Aag Pe Kabu Pa Liya Gaya Hai, Lekin……….

    Abhi Ladkon Par Kabu Pane Ki Koshish Jaari Hai

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    Woman Can Break Any Kind Of Relationship...

    Do You Know The Relation Between Two Eyes?

    They Never See Each Other.


    1. They Blink Together.

    2. They Move Together.

    3. They Cry Together.

    4. They See Together.

    5. They Sleep Together.

    They Share A Very Deep Bonded Relationship.

    However, When They See A Woman, One Will Blink And Another Will Not.

    Moral Of The Story: Woman Can Break Any Kind Of Relationship.

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