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Thread: 11 Dream Jobs That Are Simply Perfect For People Who Love to Travel

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    5. Flight Attendant

    Yes, it's not something that everyone can pull off as it requires some level of training and physical mandates which are honestly a bit ridiculous. Still the life of a flight attendant is exciting and consists of hopping across countries, staying in five stars and enjoy luxuries for free. It is obviously not easy being one, given the perpetual jet lag and crazy working hours but will fit wild dreams of a crazy traveler.

    Know more: There will be many flight attendant training institutes in your city, and if not then Frankfinn Institue and Air Hostess Academy are among the best in India.

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    6. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

    WWOOF is a large network of national organizations which facilitates placement of volunteers on organic farms. WWOOF hosts are marked across 99 countries making it a perfect workplace for travelers looking for doing something worthwhile.

    Know more: Go ahead and find which organic farm will be your next home here.

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