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Thread: 11 Dream Jobs That Are Simply Perfect For People Who Love to Travel

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    3. Au Pair

    If you are already in a foreign country, familiar with the language and are looking to make a few (it can actually pay a lot) extra bucks then being a care taker of household and children is a great opportunity. Being an au pair doesn't mean you have to do housekeeping. Responsibilities such as house-sitting and looking after the kids, in return for which the host let's you enjoy home stay and food (sometimes even more cash for other tasks).

    Know more: Though there are several websites which mediate these services, it's best to look at craigslist and local social media groups which focus on au pair requirements.

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    4. Teach English

    The gift of colonisation and weapon of commercialization, English is sought after in every (literally) place you will go. If you moving from country to country and have a good command over English then consider half your financial troubles sorted. But if you are planning a long stay in a different language speaking country, then get a hang of the second language as well.

    Know more: Interexchange and GoAbroad offer some great options. But focus your research on local organizations who have vacant positions.

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