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Thread: Daily Habits That Can Help You Become A Morning Person

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    4. Be Consistent With Your Bed Time

    Tucking yourself into bed at the same time every night might sound childish, but it's important to have a routine so your body gets used to the new schedule. "Consistency wins. The more often you go to bed early and wake up early, the easier it is to become (and remain) a morning person. Yes, some days your schedule will prevent you from following your ideal sleep schedule. However, if you stick to a strict schedule for a few weeks you will quickly notice your habits beginning to change and your body naturally wanting to stick to the rhythm you have created," says Sanders.

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    5. Drink Water Right When You Wake Up

    Drinking water right when you wake up can give your body the jolt it needs (especially if it's ice cold water). Reach for water instead of a cup of coffee so you hydrate your body while you try to wake up. "Right when you wake up, drink a liter of water. Yes, that's a lot, and that's the point. Flooding your body with clean water right when you wake up will help you wake up faster and feel more ready for your day than the sudden jolt of caffeine," says Sanders.

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