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Thread: Daily Habits That Can Help You Become A Morning Person

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    2. Go To Bed Earlier

    Simple, right? Even though you want to watch another episode of Stranger Things, you should really turn off the TV and head to bed if you want to get up earlier. "Going to bed early is the most important habit to make early mornings easy and effective," says Sanders.

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    3. Unwind Before You Go To Bed

    Force yourself to say no to work. Not only is this important to do so you can get a good night's rest, but it's also vital for your well-being. "Getting to bed on time means stopping your work day at least an hour before you hope to be asleep. Create an evening boundary where you shut down your work, your technology, and any bright lights. Use the last hour before bed to calm down and rest your mind. This will make the early morning hours so much easier the next day," says Sanders.

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