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Thread: Google Product Easter Eggs

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    Google Product Easter Eggs

    10 Google Product Easter Eggs That Will Keep You Entertained No Matter Where You Are

    I like finding secret tricks and hidden features on the internet as much as the next gal, which is why I've spent countless hours of my life trying to discover as many Google product Easter eggs as I can. You might already be familiar with the concept, but in case you're not, an Easter egg when it pertains to media is defined as "an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus." Basically, they're those little jokes or hidden messages buried beneath the surface of your favorite program or game that give you just a little something else to enhance the experience. And things made by Google, from the search engine to the Chrome browser, are full of them.

    For example, if you Google "anagram," the search engine will ask if you meant "nag a ram" "nag a ram," of course, being an anagram of "anagram." Or, if you Google "zerg rush," your results page will turn into a video game that is impossible to defeat. And that's just scratching the surface there are a huge number of Easter eggs scattered throughout Google products, and half the fun is digging around and finding them on your own.

    But if you're short on time or just want a few Easter eggs to whet your technological appetite, here are 10 of them get you started. Have fun!

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    1. Type "Do A Barrel Roll"

    Go to Google and type in "do a barrel roll." Prepare to be delighted as the webpage does a literal barrel roll.

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