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Thread: WhatsApp Romantic Status In Hindi

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    WhatsApp Romantic Status In Hindi

    The monsoon is here and the weather is romantic. So we have bought our collection which comprises of 121 romantic status and messages which you can use in WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media website to share with your friend. You can also check our WhatsApp Status section which includes a wide variety of statuses, including love, attitude, funny, sad, breakup, and much more.

    1.सुनो ना, मेरी एक छोटी सी इच्छा है, एक टेबल, दो कॉफी मैं और तुम..

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    2. इश्क की गहराईयों में खूबसूरत क्या है,
    मैं हूँ, तुम हो और कुछ की ज़रुरत क्या है..

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