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Thread: 11 Things You Should Never Say at a Job Interview

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    11 Things You Should Never Say at a Job Interview

    Job interviews are the most dreaded interviews of our life. Besides the resume, there are several aspects which can make or break your career. One of the most important things is to make sure you know what to say at the interview. You have to prepare the possible questions and rehearse your answers so that you don't goof up. So before get to the other side of the door, make sure you don't say these things!

    1. Sorry, I'm late: It's a thumb rule- don't be late for your interview.

    2. It's there in my resume: Well, your interviewer can see the resume. But if he/she is asking something, it only means that they want to hear more from you regarding the same.

    3. I can do any job: This will make you seem desperate. You may get the job but they may not give you a competitive salary.

    4. My weakness is: Don't let the interviewer know about your weakness on day 1. He/she might judge you on the same.

    5. I wish to start my own venture: You are killing the purpose of your interview. Why would a company hire a person who wants to eventually leave them to pursue his/her dreams.

    6. I am really nervous: It's good to be honest but not so much. Everybody likes a confident person than a nervous human being. Show that confident side and nothing else.

    7. My ex-boss was...: Please don't open the chapter about how you hated your old boss. Soon they will be your boss and they don't want an employee that would bad mouth about them after you leave the job.

    8. I have no questions: This will make you look uninterested. Prepare some questions that you can ask in the interview. For example, the job profile, their expectations from you etc.

    9. I don't know: This again makes you look uninterested and dumb. Be careful while answering your question. Ask the interviewer to repeat the question again and take that few seconds to think of an answer instead of IDK.

    10. How many holidays do we get? Even before you begin your work asking about holidays puts you in bad light. Ask this question later when you are confirmed for your employment or research about the same on the Internet.

    11. I am a perfectionist: This may sound confident to you but it sounds arrogant. Companies prefer people who are ready to learn and explore than people who think they know it all.

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    very usefull information, thanks for sharing brother

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