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Thread: Ways To Survive Job Loss

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    Ways To Survive Job Loss

    Loss of job can really set one a path to grief, depression and insecurity. Moreover, in times like these, we are married to our jobs more than we are to our spouses, lovers or cats for that mater. Beyond being broke, losing a job also comes with other major losses, like loss of identity, loss of daily routine (it’s more like a love-hate relationship right?), work-social network and most importantly self confidence! But you are not done! Really. You can still collect yourself up and get going on newer adventures (we mean jobs :P).

    So we asked Dr. Priyaranjan Avinash, Consultant Psychiatrist to tell us about ways to how to handle loss of job, this is what she had to say…

    1. Be ready.

    As the saying goes “one can’t go digging a well when there is a fire”. Similarly the best way to handle any stressful situation, including job loss is to prepare for it beforehand. Anyone who has been working for a sufficiently long time, should have a saving in the liquid form equivalent to a minimum of 3 months of their last salary drawn. Finances apart, one should keep enhancing their 'skill-base' from their current skill set. One should always try to be indispensible for their current job. One good way to check whether you are one or not is to ask yourself "what my employer is going to lose, when I am not there". One should aspire for the answer “A lot”.

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    2. Face your feelings.

    In spite of all the preparation, when the job loss actually strikes, it’s natural to go into grief. But rather than avoiding the feelings associated with it, one should face it, as this way it’s easier to come out of it. Talk to your trusted friends and family members. Share your fears and anxieties. Accept the reality. According to the famous psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, 'the last stage of normal grief is acceptance, sooner one achieves it, better it is.'

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