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Thread: SRK Proves That He Looks Good With Actress Of Any Age

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    SRK Proves That He Looks Good With Actress Of Any Age

    There's no doubt that Shahrukh Khan is definitely a charmer. He can look good with almost any actress paired opposite to him. No, really! Agreed that Kajol and him are probably one of the best on-screen couples of B-town, but come on, he can make any actress look good with him! Be it from the earlier lot, like Juhi, Madhuri, or from the younger lot, Deepika, Anushka, SRK's leading ladies should consider themselves lucky. Check out 11 times when SRK proved that he can look good with an actress, irrespective of her age!

    1. Kareena Kapoor- 34 years

    Shahrukh and Kareena have worked together in Asoka and Ra. One. And while both the movies tanked at the box office, they still managed to look good together. And that too despite the well over 15 years of age gap. In fact, they starred in an item number together in Don, and had a crackling chemistry!

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    2. Deepika Padukone- 29 years

    Well, it's a well known fact that Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh have a huge age gap, over 20 years! And while it is a drastic age gap, despite that SRK and Deepika have looked great together in each of their movies, be it Chennai Express, Om Shanti Om, or Happy New Year.

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