What to do if you are degree holder and unemployed?

The student who threw his best efforts in school life to get a approved result which made him to pass by all the hurdles around.

The hurdles of stress to get a good marks, maintain their parents dignity in front of society, the pressure of assignments-projects-marks-tutorís stick on head and so on.

In spite of all pressure, the student score well to get admission in a good degree college. After getting admission, the student is here to live cheerfully the college life by exploring their new adjourning places to get a high toned knowledge about all around and also had in mind toďlive life at its bestĒ.

So, in college life they follow this formula and pass their college way with smooth or rough ways. But at the end, they cross the way successfully and get a stamp to their degree of being passed with good skills.

After reading all the hurdles crosses around , the student want to get employed at the right time and at the right moment after being qualified .

The pressure comes again on the shoulders to get paid and spend on family truly.

So, now many institutes are hiring fresherís to educate student on normal basis, some companies are hiring on technical and non-technical basis, media consultants want student with experience or without but firstly keep you as a trainee.