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Thread: 4 Easy Ways to Find the Job of Your Choice

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    4 Easy Ways to Find the Job of Your Choice

    To love your work, you have to enjoy it. Studies show that doing a job you love not only makes you happy but more creative and productive too. However, when it comes to finding a job that people love doing, there is a complete miss-match between what people currently do and what they love doing.

    A recent poll by reveals that 56% of respondents have been unable to find a job that meets their passion. Even bigger concern is that 14% said they were unsure as to what their passions are. While 17% of those responded said they work for money. There was very small number - 13% - that said they were lucky to follow their passion in their current job. Are you among these lucky few or are you part of the larger pie that feels disconnected from their jobs today?

    Finding a job you love is both an art and science. And hereís how you should go about it.

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    1. Find that sweet spot

    For those of you already in the workspace, need to identify that sweet spot between what you currently do and what you love doing. Here your acquired skills and competencies can meet your passion. For instance, if you’re a full-time sales person and after-hours video gamer, you should consider a career in the sales department of a gaming company. The insights you have, as a customer, will prove valuable and who can better sell a game than an ardent player?

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