Dals are a staple dish for many of us; and a bowlful of soothing, spiced lentil curry can truly be a mood-lifter. There are many kinds of dal that people swear by but this Methi Dal is one of a kind. It combines methi or fenugreek leaves along with lentils and spices to make a luscious curry that goes perfectly with rice. If you are looking to make a simple yet satisfying meal, look no further. Here is the recipe a flavourful Methi Dal.


1 cup arahar dal
cup methi
3 to 4 chillies
2 tomatoes
tsp turmeric
tsp red chilli powder

For the tadka:

1 tsp rai
1 tsp jeera
A pinch of hing
1 tbsp oil


1. Boil the arhar dal and keep it aside.

2. Then chop the methi leaves finely .

3. Cut tomatoes into small cubes.

4. Heat a pan and put some oil in it. Then add the rai, jeera, green chili, hing, methi, tomatoes, salt, red chili powder and turmeric powder.

5. Close the pan for 10 min with a lid. After 10 min add the boiled arhar dal in the pan and mix it well.

6. Then close it with the lid again for five minutes and remove it from fire.