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Thread: Ethical Hacking Colleges In India

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    Ethical Hacking Colleges In India

    Colleges In India That You Can Look Forward To For A Course In Ethical Hacking!

    If finding out the online secrets of your friends and family interests you and you can easily spot the loopholes in a network system as well as the keys to a locked computer system, you can choose to get paid for the same!

    Even a few years back, what used to be a crime and was considered unlawful and unethical, Hacking is growing as a big industry in itself where hackers are all the more needed and appraised by corporate and legal bodies alike for their smart techie moves, inquisitive nature and obsession to find out details.

    Even fields like Mass Media and the Crime Investigation bodies needs good ethical hackers or coders who can figure out codes, breach the cyber security and crack passwords to find out information about an individual or group and protect computers and thus individuals and nations from horrendous cyber- crime.

    There are various colleges and coaching institutes that can let you in on the different hacking tools and coding in different programming languages.

    Some of the Ethical Hacking Colleges In India are enlisted here:

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    Indian School of Ethical Hacking, Kolkata
    Indian School of Ethical hacking, Kolkatta

    This institute offers a course on Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures that will enable you to introduce, educate and showcase hacking tools on penetration testing. However, the educational institute requires you to sign an agreement before joining the course, stating that the skills learnt in the process will not be used or rather misused for malicious intents and if done, the institute will not be held responsible for the same.

    The duration for the course is 10 days and 4 hours each with 2 classes every week and evening classes on weekends.


    The institute needs you to have an elementary knowledge of Database, Severside Programming such as PHP, JSP or as well as the basic know-how of Networking. If however, you are not able to fulfil this criteria, you can complete the ‘industry ready’ course from the institute itself that will include a job-oriented training on C Programming, Data Structure, Database and Networking concepts, HTML and Java scripts, Core Java and Advanced Java as well as Application Development using

    Course Curriculum

    The course on Ethical Hacking will lead you to understand Proxy Server and Packet Filtering, Linux Hacking, Trojans and Backdoors, Social Engineering, Session Hijacking, Reverse Engineering, Hacking Database servers, Wireless Network Hacking and Countermeasures, Vulnerability Assessment and many other such concepts in different modules. This is an all-comprehensive course on Hacking tools and techniques, teaching all from Hacking Routers and Firewalls to Buffer Overflows to Cryptography, Computer Forensics to Incident Handling and the like.

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