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Thread: How To Invest In Start Up

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    Finding out more about the start-up market scenario

    Know about the competitors of the company you are planning to invest in and also how the company is equipped to compete with its competitors or is it an edge above them. Also, researching whether the company you are investing it has a large enough market to sell its products and/or services as well as what the company primarily deals in and is concerned about should be your lookout. The client’s feedback is as necessary to know for you as it is for the company founders and employees themselves.

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    Scrutinizing how the company has made use or is making use of the funds it gets

    You as an investor have all the authority to know the strategies of the company and its motives behind using the fund that it is raising through you. Also, take a note of the salary amount each employee gets and the owner himself/herself earns through this business. Before thinking of increasing or decreasing the amount of funding, you should make a count of how much the company would need to grow their business keeping apart the cost of the products/services and the salary amounts.

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