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Thread: Dreaming About Life in College

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    Marrying That Very Person In College

    Ohkay! Not to dishearten anybody but yes most of us thought of the person we will marry of whom we loved eternally during the college days. He or she was the person for whom you bunked end number of lectures just to have some lovely dates, also saving from the pocket money to buy gifts for them. But then life moves on and so do we. There are some people who are unable to marry the first love of their life!

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    Bank Balance

    I thought of a life where I will be earning bomb and life looked all awesome but the reality is we have no idea where the hell our monthly salary drains out! Every girl dreamt of the designer wardrobe full of brands like Zara and Armani and what not. But little did we know at that time that earning the money is one round of a task.

    So with these realities it still keeps us strong to work hard for our goals and the ideal life we dream of till date.

    Hope you are blessed with it soon!

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