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Thread: Education In Canada

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    The Tution Fee

    Tuition fees in Canada vary by institution and province. In the school year 2007 to 2008, the average price for a university program was $4,524 for each student that year. Institutions which do not grant degrees to students are usually cheaper than universities, and graduate degree programs are more expensive, especially for international students.

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    Conclusion Based On Facts And Figures

    To sum it all, we would like to add that popular student cities of Canada; Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have all moved up in this year’s QS Best Student Cities ranking 8th, 9th, and 12th respectively. The ranking has historically been based on five key criteria: university rankings, student mix, quality of living, employer activity and affordability. This year’s ranking took into account metrics on safety, pollution, corruption and social progress. Given this new scope, Canadian cities are poised to continue their rise. Therefore, Canada is THE PLACE to be there and gain education for a promising career.

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