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    Project Fuel By Mastermind Deepak Ramona

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    Have you ever wondered how it would have been if you would have got to know about other people’s learning and outlook of life through a diary or a teacher?

    How would it have been to learn through other’s experiences in simple one or two liners?

    “If your face can surprise you in the mirror every morning, you are still having a good life.”

    This is the life lesson of a 33-year old woman from New Delhi.

    Yes! This is what Project Fuel is all about.

    It is an initiative taken in the benefit of children who are taught all subjects from science to arts in schools but miss out on important life skills and morals that are the prerequisite to live a good, happy life.

    Deepak Ramona, the mastermind behind Project Fuel is a person with immense curiosity, innovative ideas, unflinching will, artistic sense, out-of-the-box thoughts and opinions, and of course boundless creativity and potential. For him, these life lessons and skills provide you with tremendous strength and hope to pursue your dreams and solve complicated problems. They help you to be the best of yourself each day as they provide “the exact piece of advice or word of comfort or solution to the problem” that you might be looking for in life.

    A gold medallist in Mass Media Studies, Deepak has not only been a visiting faculty at various colleges and schools in Mumbai, he has also been the lecturer for architecture students at Academy of Architecture as well as for the students in one of the oldest and reputed school, Dr. Graham’s home, Kalimpong, West Bengal. His journey as a life skills educator has spanned all across the country since he was merely 17.

    If you think that this is only what defines Deepak, read this. Deepak has been teaching life skills and interacting with over 1500 differently-abled children where some are visually impaired or deaf/mute, others are physically challenged or autistic.

    He is in a way their messiah!

    The life lessons he has gathered from several different people he has met in his life are all there in the back pages of his notebooks and the diaries his father would bring from office. He believes we can learn better from other’s life mistakes, learning, thoughts, beliefs, in short, other’s inspiring stories and their life lessons which fuels his project, Project FUEL, where FUEL stands for Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson. These lessons are then formulated as interactive exercises for the kids who can not only know about the life lesson but also get to feel it through these fun and interesting activities and exercises.

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