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Thread: Top 10 striking magazine covers of the year End

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    Top 10 striking magazine covers of the year End

    The year remained thoroughly stylish and a highly fashionable one. With many new cheery and acceptable trends in the fashion industry, the celebrity fashion too remained something to watch out for!

    And while our very own Bollywood’s all time stylish celebs left for no escape in turning gazes whenever they stepped out, a few of them stroked the fashionable chord in us.

    No, we aren’t talking about the best red carpet stunners or the best stylish public appearances this year; here we have top 10 magazines covers of the year.

    The nation gets flooded with the haphazard arrival of popular entertainment and lifestyle magazines every month. And while most of these publications have everything similar to tell, a few are able to communicate with a sense of more ease and uniqueness. Here, the magazine cover plays its part.

    Thus, crediting all to our eye of assessing covers, we have picked upon ten impactful magazine covers that immediately proved intriguing at the first glance.

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    Shruti Haasan on Harper’s Bazaar Bride (May 2014)

    Shruti made a unique style statement with the traditional sari, but with a contemporary twist to the look.

    She wore a Rahul Mishra ensemble for the cover photograph, shot by Rid Burman and styled by Mohit Rai.

    "The choice to put Shruti on our cover was due to her rise in the south as a mega star and we wanted to celebrate the South Indian bridal fashion. She is very versatile, which we have even tried to convey through our cover," magazine editor Nupur Mehta Puri said in a statement.

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