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Thread: 9 Recipes Dedicated to the Colours of Navratri

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    9 Recipes Dedicated to the Colours of Navratri

    Navratri is here and so is the colour swatch to celebrate this festival. Nine days of nine different colours is an exciting way to kick start the festive season. Since we are true blue food lovers, we will bring these colours to the table. We've come up with colour coded vegetarian recipes that will help create a spectacular menu for the nine days of Navratri. Take a look.

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    Yellow: The colour for the first day of Navratri starting on September 25, 2014 is yellow which is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. To add this bright, vibrant colour to your menu, cook up dishes like Kele Ki Barfi or Kaddu Ki Sabzi that will brighten up your food.

    Kela barfi is a sweet dish recipe prepared from boiled and mashed unripe bananas. The kelas mixture are cooked with ghee, sugar, milk,almond slivers and relished as balls or square barfis.


    1.Four Bananas(Big)
    2.One cup milk
    3.Choopped Almonds


    Boiled the banana.then smash it.then take a bowl put some ghee put the smashed banana into the bowl put 1cup milk,almonds & make it hot unless it becomes semi solid or grey cool it & make small balls of the barfi.
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