How To Make A Good Impact On Your Boss And Get A Promotion
If it happens with you quite often, you’re quite good at your job, and if not, maybe there are a few things you’re doing the wrong way.

Of course being confident and passionate about your job affects your overall performance and in a way promotion too, but there also are a few specific actions that needs to be taken to impress your superiors.

While some of your colleagues have been granted promotion by impressing your manager, you need to climb those steps patiently, so as to not make others feel you’re fighting hard for it. We tell you a few ways you can impress your boss and get a promotion.

Volunteer for more responsibilities

When wanting a promotion, it’s the bets to avoid the “p” word. Instead try conveying your boss that you’re ready to take on more responsibilities. You volunteering for more responsibilities show that you’re prepared to tackle a large or more complicated workload and are not working just for the sake of it. That will not just give your boss an opinion of you being dedicated but also creative.

Talk about topics in an informal tone

There’s no doubt about the fact that professionalism is required in and out of your job profile. However, if you get an opportunity to talk to your boss about things at workplace in an informal tone, the effect it has is something you wouldn’t really know about. People are generally more receptive to others when they are not busy. There could be times when you choose to be quiet during an official meeting and discuss things with him/her later. Make sure you talk about things from your perspective. That adds an informal tone and coveys the boss that you’re dedicating more of your time to a particular project.

Talk in numbers when required

There are times when you do a lot and are still not appreciated for your work. In that case, keep a record of your work and when the time comes, show your employer or boss the results which you have been bringing in. Generally, bosses do not oversee a particular employee’s dedication, but when required you shouldn’t be the odd one out.

Keep your work schedule organized

Always make a plan or schedule for how you are going to complete your work. That way, even when you volunteer for more responsibilities you will be able to put in an extra effort to get appreciated. Prepare a timetable, or even a list that you can tick off as complete tasks. Not only will this reduce your workload, but also will give your boss an impression of planned employee. Also, looking at your watch all the time, to rush off as soon as the log out hour strikes, gives your boss a bad impression about you. Hope you get what I mean.

Help your colleagues when need be

There’s always a time in an employee’s life when the workload is nil and you are stuck for something to do. Rather than putting your feet up and letting work come to you, take an approach and help your colleagues with their tasks. Nothing impresses a boss more than an employee who’s not the leader, yet is anyway leading. The impression he/she will perceive of you is a team player- a quality which is one of the foremost things required for a team player.

Last, but not the least, if you’ve tried all of these, and there’s not much difference anyway, be confident and approach your boss about the matter.

It could very much be possible that your boss had a number of people to pick from and simply overlooked you.