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Thread: Happy Baisakhi Wallpapers, Greetings, Pics

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    Happy Baisakhi Wallpapers, Greetings, Pics

    Celebrated on the first day of Vaisakh month (April-May), Baisakhi is one of the most popular festivals of India. The people living in North India celebrate this harvest festival with great devotion and fun. It is also regarded as the beginning of New Year as per the Hindu Solar Calendar. According to Nanakshahi or Sikh Calendar, Baisakhi falls on the 13th April every year and April 14th once in every 36 years. The celebrations get much bigger for Sikh/Punjabi community as on this day, Khalsa or Sikh Religion was founded by Guru Gobind Singh ji.

    Time for Harvest of Rabi Crop
    Vaisakhi marks the beginning of the new spring year and the end of the harvest of rabi crop in India. The festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in agriculture dominated state of Punjab and Haryana. Here, farmers thank God for the bountiful harvest and pray for prosperity in the coming year. To celebrate the day, people wake up early and take a dip in the holy rivers. Soon after, cries of “Jatta aai Baisakhi" rent the skies as the people of Punjab attired in their best clothes break into the Bhangra dance to express their joy.

    Astrological Significance of Baisakhi Date
    The date of Baisakhi has major astrological significance as it marks the sun’s entry into Mesh Rashi. Some people therefore know Baisakhi as Mesha Sankranti. The auspicious date of Baisakhi is celebrated as 'Rongali Bihu' in Assam, 'Naba Barsha' in Bengal, ‘Puthandu’ in Tamil Nadu, 'Pooram Vishu' in Kerala and ‘Vaishakha’ in Bihar.

    Significance of Baisakhi Date in Sikhism
    The date of Baisakhi festival has tremendous significance in Sikhism. They celebrate the festival as a collective birthday of the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh and the foundation of the Khalsa (the Sikh brotherhood) in 1699. Sikhs all over the world celebrate the day with lot of enthusiasm and joy.

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