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Jayesh Jadhav
11-10-2014, 04:11 PM
Are you Married? Oh Well, I didnít See Your Update On FB?
Imagine one fine day you wake up to find your Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/loveevergroups) turning into a matrimonial site. Not really very difficult to imagine.

The way people keep flooding the news feed with their engagement and marriage pictures; that day isnít far where the Facebook page resembles a matrimonial site.

Peer pressure from parents isnít much these days but from the updates on FB. Everyone finds it an extremely important ritual to upload their engagement and marriage pictures.

As if marriage is incomplete without those uploads.

In fact the wedding planners should venture into the social media marketing aspect of marriage updates. It is a big business. Imagine the wedding planners striving hard to make the social media updates of a coupleís marriage.

For all those who were tired of explaining their parents and those nosy aunties about their relationship status being a personal matter, log on to your FB account and you would definitely find one such update to add to your despair.

The Facebook marriage updates have become a custom and may be in future instead of priests we have Facebook updates declaring brides and grooms.

So imagine a situation if a poor fellow forgets to upload his marriage pictures then he is considered unmarried.

The relationship status uploads went to a different level with people who are shy of logging into a matrimonial site checking for prospective brides and grooms on Facebook.

If you are shy of making a profile on any matrimonial site just go to the site and check a prospective partner, log on to your account on FB and find out about that person.

See apart from the marriage uploads FB is also an effective tool to actually help in the pre marriage process.

Also with the number of groups and portals on FB we soon see a portal of married couples. It is an option worth exploring yeahÖ after jobs portals we might have marriage portals on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/loveevergroups).

Jokes apartÖ. no hard feelings against any married couples.

Marriage is a beautiful occasion but the way the posts are competing the news feeds its hilarious.